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What is Email Marketing?

A company can use email marketing any time it sends out an email, apart from confirmations of orders and direct responses to customers' questions. Internet marketing includes website, social media, blog, and email marketing, which are all types of online marketing.

The use of email marketing can be used to send newsletters with company updates, or to promote sales and special deals to subscribers. A marketing email may also convey a general message on the company's behalf, such as following a natural disaster or scandal.

With email marketing, businesses can keep customers informed and customize their marketing messages based on their preferences. When spam emails are persistently annoying, this kind of marketing can drive customers away.

Why Email Marketing Important?

It has already been discussed what email marketing is, but why it is so important to your business has not been tackled. It's time to talk about that.

One of the greatest advantages of email marketing is that it is cost-effective. Many email platforms are free or very affordable. The second advantage of email marketing campaigns is their ease of implementation. By using email automation tools, you can run email campaigns 24/7 without direct involvement from you. After the initial setup, everything runs by itself.

The last advantage is that it is highly profitable. Later in this guide, you will learn how email marketing consistently delivers significant returns on investment. This is a proven business investment with amazing return on investment.

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