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What is Display Advertising?

Display advertising services are a form of paid media that allows marketers to create brand, product, or service ads using text, image, and video. These ads are then shown to targeted audiences across networks of topically relevant publisher websites or apps in various banner sizes. Have you ever seen an ad for a website or product you just viewed? Those are display ads. Display advertising can be a great way to keep your brand, product, or service top of mind for prospective customers through every portion of your sales funnel.

One Direction IT Institute leverages the above criteria to create image, text, video, or audio ads to target a variety of audiences through different display platforms and channels.

Why You Need This Service?

While most SEM and SEO campaigns focus on getting more visitors to your website from the search results, most of a typical user’s time is not within a search engine page—instead, they are reading and visiting thousands of other websites for news, information, entertainment, recipes, and more.

Display ads, run through the Google Display Network, can easily complement any Google Ads campaign to increase brand awareness and funnel more visitors to your website as they browse the web. You’ve likely seen display advertisements on many sites.

Interested in starting up a display ads campaign for your small business? Contact us to request a free marketing consultation.

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Google Search and Display Ads

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